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About Us

812 Foundation literally rose from the ashes of the IX 812 crash. 812 borrows its name from the flight number of the flight that crashed and took along with it 158 innocent lives. It was not an accident, but the result of failure of Aviation Safety system in India. 812 came into existence when two lawyers and a family member of the victim came together and decided to address the systemic decay that had spread like a cancer into the aviation system in India and finally formed a Trust: the 812 Foundation

The aims and objective of 812 Foundation are:

  • Promote and facilitate the application of leading aviation safety assessments, standards and practices in the key players of Indian Aviation Sector including the Air Carriers, the Regulator, Airport operators etc.
  • Develop solutions to key aviation safety challenges in India.
  • Disseminate interpretive and educational aviation safety materials in India.
  • Be the constant and forceful “Just Culture” advocate for all aviation sector members including the consumers of aviation sector services.
  • Provide opportunities to the people involved in the aviation sector to interact and learn from the global experts in aviation and towards this organise workshops, demonstrations, seminars and interactions.
  • Represent the Indian aviation community on safety matters with news media, industry and government groups and the general public.
  • Promote and develop Aviation laws and help in its effective implementation.
  • Create awareness on Aviation Safety to the General Public, the consumers of Aviation Services, the Operators of Air Services, Airports, Regulators
  • To open, found, establish promote, set-up, maintain, assist finance support and/or aid or help in the setting up and/or maintaining and or running academies for Aviation safety awareness and training.
  • To grant, pay or give scholarships, prizes, rewards, allowance and other financial assistance to promote Aviation Safety
  • To assist the families of the victims in Air Crashes
  • Any and all matters incidental and supplemental related to Aviation Safety